Back in 2019, I wrote a blog post called “Looking to rediscover my passion” and I set some goals for myself to achieve. However life in 2019 had a different plan and took me on an amazing journey. It was a great experience that taught me a lot. Now 2020 and with the pandemic going on it is also taking us on a different kind of journey. Hopefully this will end soon and everyone is safe and healthy.

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This is a list of all the git commands I use on a daily basis at work and home.

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Last year was very challenging for me but in a very positive way. I was challenged like I have never been beofre and it allowed me to start a journey of rediscovering myself and digging inside to reignite the fire that has been dimishing bit by bit.

2019 Goals:

  • Writing more blogs about code (at least 24)

MongoDB, database, NoSql

I was working on a project that requires connecting our code to Atlas database. Atlas is a cloud-hosted mongodb database. Since the project was just a proof of concept I tried connecting to the Free Tier but I faced a connection problem using the C# driver. After confirming with MongoDB support that there was a bug that wont allow me to connect to the free tier, I decided to install the community edition on my laptop. Up to this day the bug has not been resolved. You can follow it on github.

Installing community edition is easy and straight forward. I followed the documentation on the MongoDB site. If you are using OS X like me, you will need homebrew.

Start with the command

brew install mongodb

personal, software, engineer, coding

Today I wanted to share my journey of how I became a Software Engineer. Software development became very popular in recent years but 14 years ago I had no idea that it even exists. My knowledge regarding computers was limited to playing games such as Red Alert, Commandos and Age of Empires. All you needed was a CD to install the game, a mouse and keyboard for navigation and infinite amount of hours to play. I created my first email in 2003 and used the Internet for school projects to print pictures about animals or trees. Yes, that is after the dot-com bubble which by the way, I didn’t know about until few years ago.

TFS, Git, visualstudio

Today at work we discussed the idea of moving from TFS to git. Currently we have the code in the cloud on Visual Studio Team Services. Curious about how long it will take to do the move, I went ahead and allocated two hours of my time to do this. As usual I start by googling “migrate tfs to git”. The second result was a link to this article, a very well written article by Chris Kerby that has all the information you need to do the move. However, I faced some issues that I had to figure out on my own and decided to share and keep as a reference.

When you write the clone command

git-tf clone $/MyProject/MyBranch --deep

jekyll, code highlighter

Publishing my site on github pages was going great. I pushed the code to the master branch, then waited few seconds and refreshed the page. Oops, the code block on the page was not rendering as the localhost.

Locally I was seeing this:

Code highlighted correctly

Using github pages I was seeing this:

Code highlighted incorrectly

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Few years ago, I wanted to build a profile page to have some presence on the internet, so I went and built a one page site using MVC .Net. Nothing special about the site, a static HTML page, but the idea was I would add more to the site in the future and that didn’t happen. Busy with work and life the site was not a priority for me.

Fast forward a year or two, I found about Jekyll while reading some programming articles and I said to myself I should use it to build my blog, it looks really cool. As with most of the ideas that comes to my mind I did nothing.

Fast forward again to this fall, the idea of building a blog came back and I remembered Jekyll. As I am looking into the many options to build a blog, I found github pages which use Jekyll. For me that was a sign that it is time to give Jekyll a try.

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